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Alexis Alexander
ProfessionModel, actress
Biographic Information
FamilyMarshall Alexander (father), Bradley Ericson (brother), Nora Desmond Alexander (stepmother)
Appears inMartian Memorandum

Alexis Alexander is the daughter of Marshall Alexander and heiress to TerraForm Corp. She never went along well with her stepmother.

At one time she met Chantall Vargas and Wiener World and stayed with her in her apartment. Through her she met Jocques Sparrow and briefly worked with him. She went to work for Galactic Pictures and had a speaking role in The Red Planet Mangler Part 4. She met Rick Logan while filming Ozark Mutants vs. The Red Planet Mangler. At first Logan was indifferent but then inexplicably showed interest and the two became inseparable. The company closed and Alexa was left unpaid by Guy Callabero.

Eventually her relationship with Chantall deteriorated because of her addiction to rush and she left.

When she learned that her father was actually the criminal Collier Stanton, she turned against him. With Rick they decided to steal the Oracle Stone, go to Mars and return it to a legitimate heir. However Rick was actually hired by Thomas Dangerfield to seduce her and deliver the Stone to him.

When Alexa stole the stone from her father, she went to Mars and stayed at Jane's waiting for Rick. However he notified Alexa that he changed his mind and he would rather sell it to the highest bidder. This made Alexa angry and left for her brother, Bradley Ericson.

Meanwhile her father was alerted and when Mac Malden found no leads to her abduction, he hired Tex Murphy to investigate. However her stepmother was happy with her absence as she remained the only heiress of TerraForm Corp.

Alexa was found by Dangerfield and kept prisoner in his laboratory.

She was joined by Murphy who finally reached her. He helped her to escape but they were soon trapped by Dangerfield who was about to use the Oracle Stone, but Tex (using her bra) broke Dangerfield's mechanisms and left the laboratory as its exploded to pieces.

Tex and Alexa arrived at the Martian Temple where they decided to deliver the stone to Deacon Hawke.