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Bash Dagot
Biographic Information
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 4657
Appears inMean Streets
Played byUnknown

Bash Dagot (Mission District, NC4657) is a lowlife scumbag and friend of Blaze Wiener. He told Steve Clements that he saw Carl Linsky jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Dagot's name is given by Lee Chin when asked about Wiener and given $200. However Clements gives his name for free.

Dagot needs to be bribed or threaten before he shares any information.

Dagot gives Wiener's location at Candlestick Park for $200 but Wiener is actually a red herring.

Dagot gives a brief description of Law and Order for $200. He simply says they're a goon squad, dedicated to forcing the freaks out of town.