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Beek Nariz
Biographic Information
Appears inUnder a Killing Moon
Tesla Effect
Played byDoug Vandegrift

Beek Nariz is one of the mutants who live on or near Chandler Avenue, and acts as a paid informant to anyone who can pay him good money. His mutation is a nose similar to the trunk of elephants for which he is actually quite proud and vain of it even taking good care of it hoping to attract attention from women.

He knew that Mick Flemm had a partnership with Rusty the Clown running a racket importing and selling illegal novelty goods from Hong Kong. After Rusty's disappearance, Flemm had become bozo-phobic and had nightmares about seeing Rusty. When he was drunk Flemm disclosed his nightmares to Beek.

The Crime Link system had Beek Nariz's name associated with Flemm, and Chelsee Bando told Tex that he could find him near Coit Tower. On Day 1 Tex Murphy brought him a gift certificate of a free cosmetic job in The Real You Surgical Clinic, and Beek agreed to help Tex telling him that Flemm was to be found in the Acme Warehouse. He also told Tex that he suspects Flemm is responsible for Rusty's disappearance.

When looking for Pug ,Beek was happy with his nose job, and eager to help Tex again. Asked about Pug's whereabouts, Beek told him that he lives in a box near the warehouse.

In 2047 Beek began supplying information about the now hardened Tex Murphy and in August that year he was hospilitised after been badly beaten but refused to identify the suspect. His file from New San Francisco Police Department last updated August 2047 states:

Beaten and hospitalized after providing information about Tex Murphy. Nariz refuses to identify his assailant, no charges ever filed.

Danwicz suspects that Tex himself was the assailant.

A newspaper clipping in Tex's second place at the Resort, mentions that Nariz haf moved to Stockton, CA. He was later found dead by police who suspected foul play. No further details were released. It's suggested that Tex killed him, and the clipping was a keepsake.