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Map of Chandler Avenue

An avenue in Old San Francisco. It extends near the base of the Coit Tower and leads to some radioactive ruins.

Most of the buildings there are mainly small business and warehouses and it has two competing hotels; The Ritz and Golden Gate Hotel. Also present on the Avenue were several alleys and a sewer system that could be accessed from behind Rooks Pawn Shop and in front of the ACME warehouse.

Located in Old San Francisco, the avenue is the home of many mutants and friends of Tex Murphy, such as Louie LaMintz, Chelsee Bando, Sal and Francesca Lucido, Rook Garner and others. Some norms also have passed from the area such as Margaret Leonard, Zack Williams, Chelsee Bando and Tex Murphy.

There is also an Auto-Postbox


The buildings on Chandler Avenue are:                  


The name is a tribute to legendary PI fiction author Raymond Chandler.