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Appears inUnder a Killing Moon
The Pandora Directive
Tesla Effect
Played bySteve Barnes

Clint is a mutant. When he was a kid, his mother used to say the NSA would get him if he didn't do his chores. He misses his right eye and wears a wig.

He became a chocoholic bum and had the reputation of a world traveler. Although he traveled to Tijuana a couple of times, Louie Lamintz thought Clint was fluent in Yucatec.He sleeps in a garbage bin in an alley next to Rook's Pawnshop. He would litter the alley with empty, big cans of Cammell's Chunky Chocolate Soup.He claimed that whenever Sal Lucido got drunk and came to him to pick a fight, but Clint would kick his butt. He also claimed that he had an affair with Chelsee Bando. Ardo Newpop used to hassle him until Clint shared a quart of chocolate syrup with him and Louie Lamintz would bring him his award-winning chocolate pie every Feed A Bum day.

When Rook's Pawnshop was robbed by Mick Flemm, he witnessed the criminal. When Lucia Pernell attempted to interview him however he was going through chocolate withdrawal. She bought him a tub of Hershey's and a crate of Oreos for his trouble.Tex Murphy brought a chocolate pie to him and gave Tex some information, namely the robber's height and weight.

When Rook Garner asked him to pay a rent, he left the garbage bin and opened a parlor, Clint's Cocoa Cabana below Coit Tower. Orders of chocolate would come in usually daily at 9 am but would "mysteriously" vanish.Believing him to be fluent in Yucatec Tex asks him to decipher the Mayan letter but he is unable to do so as he admits that he has only a begginers grasp.He also mentions the secret door in Rustys Funhouse.When Tex shows him the scarf he found in Malloys room he reveals it to be Luci Luv aka Emily who would usually come in with her boss Gus Leach and would order the "Bliss on a Biscuit" The last time they came in Clint found a key they forgot under Gus' seat.He gives it to Tex who uses to gain entrance to the club via the delivery room and thus confirm Emily as the owner making Tex return there that night.

Clint as the new owner of Ritz Hotel

By 2050 Clint had replaced Nilo Paglio as the owner of Ritz Hotel in 2050. By this time he had been able to overcome his chocolate addiction after a massive bender that occurred in the Hershey factory kick the habit with help from Crazy Gary(but now has gotten his scotch problem) .Furthermore he has covered up his missing eye and has bought the Ritz Hotel from Nilo for real cheap and has renovated to making it a three star cubic zirochonia rating by killing most of the cockroaches,getting real fire extinguishes,removing all the hidden cameras and rebuilding the place after the 2049 earthquake.