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Crusade for Genetic Purity was an organization which begun as a radical right-wing rec room full of anti-Mutant extremists. The president was Reverend Claude Shepherd, a man of mysterious past.The group had either formed within or had infiltrated the Law and Order Party by 2037 and manged to capatilise on its destruction at the hands of C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N.

By 2042 it grew into a mainstream organization with lobbyists and PR people. Their headquarters were a temple-like building in downtown Phoenix and eventually become merged with the Brotherhood of Purity.

The organization had a process of initiation for those willing to join the crusade. Aspiring members had to pass a genetic screening to prove they are Norms. Then they had to follow 16 degrees of indoctrination. The final stage was visiting the orbital resort station Moon Child, made for the spiritually elite. There, the final rites took place. The official statement said that the Moon Child had been funded by private contributions.

They were suspected for the bombing which obliterated the headquarters of CAPRICORN.