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Delores Lightbody
Biographic Information
BirthplaceMill Valley, CA
FamilyCarl Linsky (Widowed Ex-Fiancé)
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 4920
Appears inMean Streets
Under a Killing Moon
Played byJohn Berven (Mean Streets)
Micaela Nelligan (Overseer)

Mean Streets

Delores Lightbody (Berkeley, NC4920) is an obese woman living in a Victorian house in a district of doctors and lawyers. She is said to have quite a temper.

She and John Klaus were lovers once.

She was Carl Linsky's fiancé but Sylvia Linsky did not get along with her. Some time before his death, Linsky considered breaking up from Lightbody and she blamed Sandra Larsen.


During the Overseer case she is introduced to Tex after he has met with both Sylvia Linsky and Detective Clements and she falls in love with him instantly.She reveals that she has had an affair with Carl Linsky and enjoyed playing chess with him and has her own suspicions regarding his death and informs that Sylvia is the sole beneficiary of not only his money but also a huge $1,000,000 life insurance if it is proven his death was not suicide.Dolores never got on well with Sylvia and considered her a woman of ill repute.She gives Tex several helpful links including arranging a meeting with him and Aaron Sternwood the owner of the North Hill Clinic who in turn leads Tex to C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. and Wanda Peck. Dolores also reveals the name of the detective hired by Carl named Sonny Fletcher who had been in contact with Carl under the name "SF". Furthermore she identifies the other man in the recent photograph standing next to Carl as John Klaus another man she had an affair with. She also reveals that Jorge was someone that Carl played chess with online. As a result Delores proves a vital asset to Tex's investigations.

Years later she apparently had lost a considerable amount of weight and became a student in Tex Murphy's dancing school taking Cha-Cha lessons. Murphy noted that she paid in front. He was practicing with her when his wife returned.