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A third rate film company specializing in cheap exploitation thrillers. Their offices are at a dingy, run-down 2-story building at 1770 Hollywood Blvd, a very ugly part of the city. The owner and studio chief was Guy Callabero (who started as a sideshow act of a traveling carnival).

Movies included The Red Planet Mangler, Return of the Red Planet Mangler and The Red Planet Mangler vs. Benji.

They came up with Joltovision. In 2038, 20 viewers were fried in Los Angeles and G.P. had some legal problems.

Jocques Sparrow did some publicity work for them. Rick Logan and Alexis Alexander met while worked there. Alexis had a speaking role in The Red Planet Mangler Part 4. During Ozark Mutants vs. The Red Planet Mangler the two were leaving together.

However the company closed down and Alexa did not get paid, despite the efforts of Rhonda Foxworth.