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Gideon 2.jpg
J. Saint Gideon
ProfessionRetired leader
Biographic Information
Bornc. 1950 (old timeline)
1984 (new timeline)
ResidenceBeverly Hills
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 3891
Appears inMean Streets
Played byMichael York in Overseer
Unknown in Mean Streets

Mean Streets

J. Saint Gideon was head of British intelligence, an electronics genius and he founded Gideon Enterprises to develop new ways to help the government. He once received an award from President Michael J. Fox.

He was fond of the Law and Order cause and had several party members in his office telling them they did a good job in cleaning up San Francisco. He respected Tom Griffith and put him as head of MTC and considered to make him President when he'd retire.

He lost the Corporation's presidency to Frank Schimming who sees the company as business and not an institution. He retired to a 30 room mansion.

However it was him behind the Overlord project, which eventually would rise Law and Order as world government with himself as the head. He allowed clues to be given to Tex Murphy, investigating the death of Carl Linsky, so that he could gather all passcards and passcodes for the Nexus system. Intending to use them to disable Nexus and the Overlord mind-controlling computer, he came to Alcatraz, only to be apprehended by Gideon.

Gideon as he appears in Mean Streets.

Tex however was able to escape, reclaimed the cards and entered the codes to the computer. Gideon in vain attempted to dissuade him by offering him money, but nonetheless the satellite was destroyed.

Gideon tried to flee the country but the FEDs grabbed him and put him away for years.


J. Saint Gideon was attending a covert UN meeting in Geneva in 2013 when a traitor triggered an explosive device leaving Gideon as the sole survivor. After this incident he was bound to his wheelchair, and almost lost faith in his life. Later in 2027 he founded Gideon Enterprises. When his corporation went public in 2035, he became a billionaire.

Gideon realized that his ideals were crushed for the third time realized Tex had won, drank to Tex success and the committed suicide.