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Jackson Cross
ProfessionNSA Agent
Biographic Information
RaceCaucasian, Norm
DiedApril 2043(died in spaceship explosion)
Appears inThe Pandora Directive
Played byBarry Corbin

A high ranking NSA agent, Cross serves as the primary antagonist of The Pandora Directive. He is shown to be both ruthless aggressive in his work. Unbeknownst to Tex, he secretly forms a partnership with Thomas Malloy's daughter, Regan and the two aim to sell off the anti-hydrogen found in the dormant spacecraft found in the Mayan jungle at the climax of 'The Pandora Directive'. Cross is killed when Gordon Fitzpatrick locks him and Regan in the spaceship's reactor core and destroys the ship to prevent it being found. Cross is portrayed by actor Barry Corbin.In 2050 Tex finds Jackson Cross's ID card strewn on the streets of Chandler Avenue but is suprised as he expected to find it in the Andes Mountains.