John Klaus
ProfessionNeuro scientist / Surgeon
Biographic Information
BirthplaceDayton, OH
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 7012
Appears inMean Streets
Played byJoe Estevez in Overseer
Unknown in Mean Streets

Mean Streets continuity

JohnKlausmean streets

Klaus as he appears in Mean Streets

John Klaus (Reno, NC7012) is a scientist who was hired for the Manegement Training Center of Gideon Enterprises. He was set to work on the Overlord project. He soon discovered that MTC had nothing to do with management training, and was threatened when asking questions. Since he felt his life was in danger he went undercover.

Klaus had been friends with Carl Linsky for a long time. But when his girlfriend, Delores Lightbody, fell for Carl, Klaus swore that he would never work with him again and avoided any contact.

His name was in a list of Linsky when he tried to discover colleagues.


He was hired by MTC for the Overlord project but he grew suspicious and realized that its objective was not to enhance the intelligence of the executives. When he
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A recent picture of John Klaus(right) with Carl Linsky(left)

started questioning he was threatened. He disappeared into hiding in Nevada and nobody knew where except Delores. He also worked at the North Hill Clinic and performed surgery on Carl Linsky to remove a brain tumor and replace it with an implant that would drive Linsky to suicide.

After Linsky's death, he took over the persona of "The Posioned Pawn" and lured Tex to the San Tomas Mission wearing a cowboy outfit and holding Sylvia Linsky hostage. He is eventually killed by his compatriot Big Jim Slade who twists his neck.