Lee Chin
Biographic Information
Appears inMean Streets
Played byUnknown

Lee Chin is Tex Murphy's underground informant. She has access to more information than Vanessa, but she also charges for everything she knows.


Topic Price Information given
J. Saint Gideon 500 He lives at NC3891
Ron Morgan 800 Redirects you to Della Lang
Greg Call 500 Redirects you to Steve Clements
Big Jim Slade 200 Redirects you to Steve Clements
Bosworth Clark 800 Redirects you to Peter Dull
Sam Jones 500 Redirects you to John Klaus
Bazil Mallory 200 Redirects you to Sonny Fletcher
Harry Rice 500 He lives in Pasadena at <NC1231>
Carl Linsky 250
Law and Order 500
Blaze Wiener 200 Redirects you to Bash Dagot
John Klaus 600 Redirects you to Delores Lightbody
Sonny Fletcher 1000 He lives at <NC5170>
Larry Hammond 1000
Ron Meat 800 He hangs out around the Coit Tower (4525).
Arnold Dweeb 500 He will meet you at the Oakland Coliseum (4610).
Tom Griffith 800 He lives at NC4590