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Louie LaMintz
Biographic Information
FamilyUnnamed sister
Dalton (nephew)
Taylor LaMintz (niece)
Appears inUnder a Killing Moon
The Pandora Directive
Tesla Effect
Played byRandall Edwards

Louie LaMintz is a friend of Tex Murphy and the owner of the Brew & Stew diner. He has a sister and he sees her son, Dalton, as a son. He also has a goddaughter. It was a big dilemma for him when Dalton graduated from Berkley on the same day his goddaughter was married.[1]He was liked by everyone around Chandler Avenue or anyone who would meet him, both for his character and his cooking. Every national Feed A Bum day he would bring Clint one of his award-winning chocolate pies.

He is also famous for his house coffee blend aka Armageddon for which he uses rain gutters; 3 cups were stronger than a fifth of bourbon that would make Juan Valdez cry for mercy. Louie said the secret ingredient was love.[1]He'd keep Murphy a tab for three months during his harsh times after his divorce from Silvia Linsky , and would not remind it to him.[1]Seeing that Tex had failed to pay his vid-phone bill, Louie paid for him anonymously. He claimed he was ignorant but Tex was sure it was Louie's job.[1]During his investigation into the robbery at Rooks Pawn Shop he gives Tex a piece of his award winning chocolate pie which he gives to Clint to get information on the perpetrator.Louie also directs Tex to Sals coded note that he left in the trashcan.With this Tex is able to uncover Sals infidelity,hand the evidence to Francesca who then gives Tex information that leads him to Pug and thus the Colonel whose life he saves and then reveals the existence of CAPRICORN and their investigations of GRS.

When he noticed that an old man approached Murphy, he bet Rook 20 bucks that he hired Tex to do some work for him. While Tex was investigating the whereabouts of Thomas Malloy, Louie told him to get some help from Clint to help him translate Yucatec.This led to a dead end but when Louie was shown the scarf found by Tex in Thomas Malloys room Louie informed him that it was worn by a young blonde woman who was in their with an older man and identified the woman as Emily.When investigating the "Black Arrow Killer" Louie gives Tex information that the story was covered by the Bay City Mirror and directs him to Rooks garbage bin where there is a copy of the newspaper with an article written by Lucia Pernell after interrogating Rook he is able to contact her.Louie also reveals to Tex that Crazy Gary's real name may indeed Gary Lee when he finds a note in Dag Horton's office regarding him.