Marshall Alexander

Marshall alexander.png
Marshall Alexander
AliasesCollier Stanton
ProfessionFounder of TerraForm Corp
Biographic Information
Family*Bradley Ericson (son)
Appears inMartian Memorandum

The husband of Nora Desmond Alexander and father of Alexis Alexander and Bradley Ericson. Ashamed of his son, he gave him to a foster family of mutants.

He founded TerraForm Corp in 2019 and with the Oracle Stone which allowed him to see the future and read thoughts, he managed to boost his exploits. This made some mutants who worked for TerraForm, angry with the mistreatment. Fortune magazine lists him as the richest man of the world.

His life changed when a package arrived for him. Since then, he and Alexis had several major altercations.

He is fat and sickly and the last years became increasingly paranoid, adding more security to his staff. His condition worsened when his daughter went missing and employed Tex Murphy.

Nathan Bloodworth notified him that he recovered the Oracle Stone and he came to a railroad around 3:00AM. Bloodworth then killed him by slashing his throat with a Jose Cuervo bottle and then cut his ears.

The Police found him dead on a railway while Murphy was investigating Johnny Fedora's junkyard. Mac Malden and Scoop Mitchell came to the site.

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