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A Nexus Terminal playing Pong

Nexus is a network of computer terminals given by the MTC to scientists working on Overlord. It was designed by Larry Hammond, consisting of a central computer and 8 terminals. He also made a failsafe mechanism which would cause the whole system (and the satellite) to self-destroy.

Access to the Nexus requires a passcard and password. All terminals also had the game Pong installed, which loaded with the use of password pong.

Carl Linsky believed there were 7 other scientists working on the system and hired Sonny Fletcher to discover the rest.

Fletcher discovered several possible passwords: isbpho, ueqne, lasentolw, nodgar, gnop, nikg, oork, napw, ehcetmack, bmgtai, etsaelmatslctae, niktgh, clbak, tewih.

These mean: bishop, queen, stonewall, dragon, pong, king, rook, pawn, checkmate, gambit, stalemate, castle, knight, black, white.

List of scientists and their accesses
Name Passcard color Password
Larry Hammond grey king
Bosworth Clark black rook
Cal Davis orange checkmate
Greg Call purple knight
Carl Linsky blue bishop
Ron Morgan red stalemate
John Klaus green pawn
Sam Jones yellow queen