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Nilo Paglio
Biographic Information
Appears inThe Pandora Directive
Played byJohn Timmons

Nilo was Tex Murphy's landlord while he resided at the Ritz Hotel.

His breath was said to be like pig-feet-and-pork-rind.

As a landlord, Nilo had merciless in his pursuit of back rent and also had a hard time holding onto tenants.

Tex attempted to explain to him that the nature of his freelance work did not allow him for a stable income. Nilo was so stupid that he would mutter random obscenities as he walked away.

Tesla Effect

In Tesla Effect, his name appears on a Sex Offenders List in the Snow White Warehouse. He was replaced by Clint as owner of Ritz Hotel.After the city wanted to condemn the Ritz Hotel he didnt want to bother renovate it and so sold it cheap to Clint who now operates it.He had a sex change calling him "Nelly" and tried to pass himself as his long lost twin sister