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Rick Logan
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Appears inMartian Memorandum

Rick Logan was an actor. He wished to perform his own stunts.

After Alexis Alexander moved from Chantall Vargas' apartment, she met Rick while they were filming Ozark Mutants vs. The Red Planet Mangler for Galactic Pictures. At first Logan was indifferent but then inexplicably showed interest and the two became inseparable: Thomas Dangerfield used him to seduce Alexa and trick her into stealing the Oracle Stone from her father, in order to return it to a "legitimate heir".

He built his home somewhere in the Central American Jungle where he retreated with his pet iguana Skanky.

When Alexa stole the stone from her father, he sent her to Mars where she was staying in Jane's waiting for him. However Logan double-crossed both Dangerfield and her; he notified Alexa that he changed his mind and he and Johnny Fedora would rather sell it to the highest bidder among Big Dick Castro, Lowell Percival and Deacon Hawke. This made Alexa angry and left for her brother, Brad.

For that, Dangerfield came to his hut and hanged him in his bathtub where he was found by Tex Murphy.