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Sonny Fletcher
ProfessionPrivate investigator
Biographic Information
FamilyMaria Cartagena (wife)
ResidenceLos Angeles
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 5170
Appears inMean Streets
Tex Murphy: Overseer
Played byHenry Darrow

Fletcher, as he appears in Mean Streets

Sonny Fletcher (Los Angeles, NC5170) used to be a police officer, but started as a private investigator. He lived in the room 307 run down hotel converted into apartments. He was hired by Carl Linsky to check out MTC Corporation while Linsky was working for the top secret project Overlord. He then received threats on his life and shot a few times. he sent Linsky several warnings.

He sent him a fax in his house about the Nexus passwords.

He sent him a fax in the Bridgeview Warehouse saying:

Professor, they're on to you. I suggest you disappear fast.

After his death, Sylvia Linsky found a note saying:

You were right about these boys.
They play for keeps.
Watch your step.

During his investigations he consulted Wanda Peck, a reporter of the San Francisco Chronicle and then disappeared.

Tex Murphy located him while investigating the death of Carl Linsky, however Fletcher would share no information for free. He gave him a lead to Wanda Peck

He will talk about David Pope for $100, J. Saint Gideon, Robert Knott, Sylvia Linsky and Delores Lightbody for $200, Nexus, Wanda Peck, Gideon Enterprises, Law and Order, Passcard, Password, John Klaus, Frank Schimming, Cal Davis, Overlord and Maurice Gribble for $300, MTC and Carl Linsky for $500, Bazil Mallory for $700.

Robert Knott sent Big Jim Slade to kill him.


Sonny Fletcher is a private investigator with a drinking problem. He was hired by Carl Linsky to track down Rona Morgan and Val David, both of them turned out to have died recently.

He discovers Big Jim Slade's hideout at Big Surf Lodge, and is able to steal Passcard F. Soon after he is mortally wounded by the assassin, but not before he is able to get back home and hand over the card to Tex Murphy.

Note: The portrayal of Sonny Fletcher by Henry Darrow was so compelling that the author of the Tex Murphy series, Aaron Conners, credited Darrow with providing the conscience of the Tex Murphy character (source: http://www.aaronconners.net/faqs.html ).