Taylor LaMintz
ProfessionInvestigative reporter in Bay City Mirror
Biographic Information
Eye ColorBlue-Green[1]
FamilyLouie LaMintz (uncle)
Appears inTesla Effect
Played byJodi Russell

Taylor LaMintz is an investigative reporter working for the Bay City Mirror. She is the niece of Louie LaMintz, and good friends with Kate Donahue.

Some time after the disappearance of Chelsee Bando, she started dating Tex Murphy. Her investigative skills allow her to determine that J.T. Donnelly is the person of interest to Tex when he is searching for past occupants of his apartment.He also gets her to look into psychometry.Late one night, Tex calls Taylor and begins raving like a lunatic, talking about how the “walls [are] talking.” When Taylor arrives, she sees that Tex has smashed holes in walls all over his apartment, presumably (and probably unconsciously) in search of the Tesla Egg, which he finds and that he is curled up in a fetal position.She then arranges for him to get a second place at The Resort, an “upscale condo community" where he begins to live almost exclusivly..After having his memory wiped Tex first meets her in Louie's Brew 'n' Stew and and makes flirtatious advances on the bemused private investigator.When she realises something must be wrong she suggests that he visit the North Hill Clinic to visit her friend Kate Donahue who works there.Louie explains to Tex who she is when she leaves.The next time we meet her.Tex heads back to his office and finds Taylor waiting there for him. She ills him in on the dreams and visions he was having and sums up their history together, including her work finding out about J.T. Donnelly.That night she attempts to seduce Tex.If he stays loyal to her they spend the night together but if he chooses Chelsee she will comment that she finds his continuing obsession with her and the shrine he has built for her kinda creepy and hands him the key to it located in the second room he has rented at The Ritz.

If he continues to stay loyal to her at the Oceanside Resort she goes back to his office and he informs her of everything he has uncovered and she divulges the location of the Swamp House owned by Margaret Leonard from her sources and asks to come along but Tex makes her stay saying he doesnt want to get her into trouble.If he brushes her off she leaves in an angry state never to be seen again with Archie Ellis eventually leading her to the Swamp House.When Tex escapes from the Titan Reactor while loyal to her in New Mexico she gets him off the hook from Danwicz by provividing an immense level of evidence proving Jim Slade's involvement in the massacre at the Tesla Legacy Society HQ after which she and Tex continue their relationship.

  1. Tesla Effect Novel, chapter 2