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Tex Murphy Radio Theater is a six part audio drama by Chris Jones and Aaron Conners that takes place after the cliffhanger ending in Tex Murphy: Overseer

Episode listing

Episode One: The Naked and the Bed

Episode Two: The Month of the Living Dead

Episode Three: The Monkey's Tale

Episode Four: Foreshadowings and a Funeral

Episode Five: Jail, Bail, and Happy Trails

Episode Six: Games of Chance

Cast & Crew

Tex Murphy played by Chris Jones

Chelsee Bando played by Suzanne Barnes

Louie LaMintz played by Randall Edwards

Rook Garner played by Doug Vandergrift

Clint played by Steve Barnes

Mac Malden played by Kevin Jones

French Woman played by Demetria Chappo

Gravelly-voiced Man played by Bruce Darby

Australian Man played by Adrian Carr

Woman played by Demetria Chappo

Overseers played by Aaron Conners & Chris Jones

Scripts & Dialogue by Aaron Conners

Audio Production by Jon Clark

Music by Third Ear

Additional Music by Jon Clark

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