Pandora Novel
Updated Pandora Novel

Cover of the 2014 rerelease.

Tex Murphy and the Pandora Directive (originally published as The Pandora Directive: A Tex Murphy Novel) is a novel written by scriptwriter and co-creator of the video game series Aaron Conners. The novel based on the 1996 Tex Murphy game The Pandora Directive. In 2014 the novel were rereleased featuring new artwork, an expanded storyline and with a foreword by Chris Jones.


It’s the year 2043 and post World War III Old San Francisco is a seedy, radioactive dive, but P.I. Tex Murphy calls it home. The women in Tex’s life are either washed up or shipping out, and this private dick is singing the lonesome gumshoe blues. Jack Daniels seems more like family everyday. Until one night at the Brew & Stew. . .

Project Bluebook was the official government investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects that examined, among other things, the "incident" at Roswell, New Mexico. The official story has been told: The Roswell crash was a balloon, nothing more. Project Bluebook was closed. But the real story is that Project Bluebook became Project Blueprint and helped start World War III.

How does Tex get involved? Well, he meets an old Cubana-smoking gent who’s looking for a missing friend. It doesn’t seem like much of a case at first, but then Tex Murphy has never been very good at staying out of trouble . . . and this time he’s in for lots of trouble!

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