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This timeline describes events mentioned in the early games, Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum and carried through up to Pandora Directive. Elements of this timeline did make it into Tesla Effect, but It's relationship to the entire series is not clear or stable in comparison with the later games designed by Aaron Conners.

The Poisoned Pawn was the next retail game and was going retell Overseer again, incorporating elements from both Overseer and Mean Streets version of events, explaining the relevance of why Tex Murphy's memories do not match up, and other details he has forgotten of the real 'true events', see Timeline (TPP). However the game was indefinitely shelved.


Distant past

80mil years ago
An astronomical disaster rips away the atmosphere of Mars and destroys the Martian civilization. They put the Oracle Stone in a protective enclosure for a future race.
16th century
Creation of the Maltese Fruitcake


Late 1940s or early 1950s
Birth of J. Saint Gideon[1]


Alcatraz ceases operation as a prison


c. 1965
Birth of Maurice Gribble[2]


Birth of Carl Linsky
Birth of Marshall Alexander


Overlord project is developed in England
c. 1983
Birth of Frank Schimming
Birth of John Klaus
c. 1984
Birth of Lowell Percival
c. 1988
Birth of Aaron Sternwood[3]
Birth of Ed Bradley[4]
Terraforming of Mars begins


c. 1991
Birth of Sam Jones[5]
J. Saint Gideon founds Gideon Corporation


c. 2003
Birth of Larry Hammond (and Darrell)
c. 2004
Birth of Big Dick Castro
c. 2005
Birth of Sandra Larsen[6]
Birth of Tex Murphy[7]
Birth of Deacon Hawke


Discovery of Martian ruins in Valles Marinaris
c. 2015
Stanton Expedition comes to Mars
Stanton Expedition kill the mutant colonists on Mars to acquire the Oracle Stone. They report they found them destroyed.[8]
Growing evidence that members of the Stanton expedition were linked to the massacre of the colonists.[8]


Doomsday; nuclear missile strike[8]
Birth of Jane
Doctor Linsky enters the University of San Francisco
With the Pacific NW rain forests completely destroyed by nuclear fallout, Big Foot is discovered to be just a large hairy man living in the woods.[8]
c. 2019
C-770 Interplanetary Cargo Shuttle is being produced
D-Day attack. Collier Stanton is lost before his trial. (the event must have happened in 2017)
Lawrence Barkley changes Alexander's appearance
Marshall Alexander founds Terraform Corp


Marshall Alexander marries Nora Desmond Alexander
Law and Order begins as a small band of trouble makers.
December 1
Mick Flemm is charged for arson and attempted fraud and is sentenced 4 years


Thomas Dangerfield discovers that Marshall Alexander is Collier Stanton
Tex's Lightning Bolt speeders is produced
Schimming replaces Gideon as president
Robert Knott becomes president of Law and Order.
MTC invites the Law and Order party for a joint project to get rid of the mutants
Larry Hammond creates the Nexus computer
MTC starts hiring scientists for project Overlord
Linsky rents space in the Bridgeview Warehouse
Linsky is hired for a Overlord, a top secret project
June 10
Cal Davis installs a microchip to his chimp and manages to control his aggressive tendencies.
June 22
Davis manages to manipulate elements of ape behavior
Linsky starts dating Sandra Larsen
Linsky takes a life insurance from TransAmerica Insurance Company
July 10
Davis controls visual images to the ape's brain, impulses of pleasure and pain.
July 16
Davis' subject has a massive seizure and berry aneurism which killed it.
July 26
Davis has completed experiments on chimps.
August 10
Linsky writes in his computer about finding colleagues
Davis denies to test his procedure on a human
Brenda Perry starts working in MTC[11]
August or September
Invoice for Precious Metal Inc. gallium arsenide to Cal Davis
(2 days later) Death of Cal Davis[12]
Greg Call is murdered.
September 1
Linsky considers obtaining all passcards and passwords
September 10
Linsky realizes that once someone finishes with his role in Overlord, is eliminated.
September 16
A week after Linsky finishes his work on Overlord, considers talking to Gideon.
Saturday, September 20
Linsky has severe headaches.
Linsky is seen jumping the Golden Gate Bridge
Sunday, September 21
Linsky's body is recovered by Police divers
September 23
Sylvia Linsky visits Tex Murphy
Wednesday, September 24
Linsky's funeral held at the All Saints Church, 10:00.
September 25
Events of the Mean Streets
Late September
Bosworth Clark is killed.
Robert Knott is killed.[13]
October 3 or 5
Scheduled activation of Overlord[14][15] (foiled by Tex Murphy)
20 viewers are fried in Los Angeles by Joltovision
Martian Memorandum case. The Oracle Stone is returned to Deacon Hawke.


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