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Wanda Peck
ProfessionC.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. agent
Biographic Information
RaceCaucasian, Norm
Mean Streets information
NAV codeNC 4621
Appears inMean Streets
Played byMonique Lanier
Unknown in Mean Streets

Mean Streets

As she appears in Mean Streets

In Mean Streets she is a reporter of the San Francisco Chronicle, said to know much about what happens in San Francisco. Larry Hammond asked her to do some research on Overlord. Sonny Fletcher sent Tex Murphy to her as she knew much about Overlord, MTC. She will tell about Law and Order for $800.


In Overseer she is a no nonsens business agent for C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. Before meeting with Tex she had been researching allegations made against Carl Linsky about his involvement in unethical and illegal experiments on terminally ill or dead patients at the North Hill Clinic. She becomes a powerful ally to Tex giving him important leads such as the location of Robert Knott's secret cabin and manages to resist his charms even when Tex manages to give data that would once and for all destroy the Law & Order Party.