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Zack Williams
ProfessionOwner of Electronics shop
Biographic Information
Appears inThe Pandora Directive
Tesla Effect
Played byCurley Green

By 2043 Zack Williams had become the clerk at the Electronics Shop and had extensive ties to the criminal underworld.When Tex first met him Zack took out a shotgun and held  Tex at gunpoint where he forced him to take out his Electronic Shop credit card which he then shot and destroyed .He informs Tex that he is 120 days late for payments from his last case and forces him to pay $1,230(including $623 in interest) for late payments. this includes $399 for the fax machine,$29 for the laser blade $179 for the photo developing kit and also $623 in interest. He also states that from now on Tex can only pay in cash and that he will only talk to him about products for sale and nothing else.Tex buys the Visual Analyzer Apparatus from him for $70 which allows him to determine the address of both the AUTOTEC building and the post office that Thomas Malloy had sent the boxes from.He determines this from both the picture of the AUTOTEC building he reassembles from the jacket found on the roof of Rusty's Funhouse and also the brown paper covering that Gus directs him to that had covered the puzzle box sent to Emily.As a resuly of this Tex is able to infiltrate the AUTOTEC building to first determine the identity of the "Black Arrow Killer" and later retrieve the puzzle box when it is stolen from him(alongside some other items such as the EUPHORIA files for Lucia Pernell.He is also able to locate the apartments at Garden House that Malloy is currently residing in and thus track him down to the private warehouse that he meets him in before his death.After Malloys death Tex returns to the warehouse and using a Robco Safe Buster he buys from Zack is able to open a safe containing notes regarding Item #186 and the containment chamber in Roswell as well as a key to the locked closet in the Garden House Apartment.This allows Tex to gain access to a book called "Messages From Outer Space" by JI Thelwitt aka Elijah Witt which inevitability leads Tex to gaining access to Elijahs contact details via a password to a CD belonging to Malloy which comes in the form of an anagram to the books title as well  as a picture of the Gate of the Sun. When Tex gets the phone number of Elijah Witt he decides to lure him out and sneak into his apartment.To do this he uses a phone tracer he buys from Zack allowing him to determine his address thus securing his puzzle box.